Dear Alpine Friends and Family,
Want to take ten minutes to feel #Boulder normal? It’s Best of Boulder time again!
While I try to navigate the world in this prolonged state of “abnormal” I decided to reach back to some of the “normal” things I do for some comfort: eating cookies (sometimes while hiding in the pantry), watching reruns of The New Girl on Netflix for some laughter, trying to grow pineapples from the cut off tops (no success yet).
Right now it is hard. So many businesses are affected, but we are strong. 
Our community is strong.
Our commitment is strong.
Alpine Hospital for Animals is an essential healthcare business, but we have been forced to provide limited services and we have also chosen to limit ourselves for the safety of our team and our community. But we are fortunate to be doing our work, taking care of animals in need.  Not all businesses can.
But there is something that might help my fellow business owners and something that might help me feel a little more normal at the same time.
We can think back on what we used to like, and we can give a shout out to the restaurants and shops and gyms that we have come to rely on for our day to day comforts living in a place like Boulder. We can do something that is “normal” and sit for ten minutes and vote for our favorites to show our support.
It needs to be a slow process of opening back up, and our local businesses will continue to need our support. For now, I’m going to do one normal thing I do every March and I’m going to VOTE for my favorite business around my favorite town and feel like we will be even stronger when we get on the other side of this. Maybe you can vote for us by clicking the blue VOTE link above!
We can’t do all of the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good that we can do. (Jana Stanfield, paraphrased)
Stay healthy. Stay Strong. Wash Your Hands. Wear A Mask. Please.