Alpine Hospital for Animals would like to chat with you on Skype.

Alpine Hospital for Animals now offers even MORE opportunities for you to have the access to our team that you DESERVE and have come to EXPECT. Telemedicine is a service that has been growing rapidly in both human and veterinary medicine over years, and with the current pandemic, there is an increasing need for these types of medical services.

Telemedicine: As always, if you are concerned enough to call us then we will be happy to schedule a hands-on exam with one of our doctors, as that is still the BEST way to diagnose most problems and ensure we are providing appropriate treatment(s) for your companions.

If you are a current client of Alpine Hospital for Animals and your pet is current on his/hers examination (within the past 12 months), we may be able to make some limited treatment recommendations remotely via Skype.

We will continue to provide consultation via email and phone as well

How do I get Skype? It’s free! 

Skype for iPhone

Skype for Android

Laptop/Desktop browser – no account required from your computer but you must have Speakers and a Microphone (most laptops do)

What does it cost? 

Skype video chat consult – $35 

Email consultation with a technician with a doctor’s involvement- $20.

  • Sometimes an exam will be recommended based on the Skype Telemedicine or email consultation and will be charged based on regular exam fees. Please be aware of this when scheduling